Monday, November 15, 2010

The ultimate engagement ring - challenge 4

Challenge 4: Our meeting stories

Vote for us and help us get engaged - we're in competition for the ultimate engagement ring!

Hello world,

Challenge 4 is to share the story of our meeting - from each of our perspectives. It's not so differnt, actually... but I'll let you judge.

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Here's our entry:

Jessica's story
The first time I heard his name was when we were starting year 7 and our entire grade were herded into the school hall to be separated into classes. His name made the school body froth when they heard it: Ebbenjay van der Hilst-Best. Like everyone else, I glanced up to look at the weird kid with the weirder name, and glimpsed a pale weedy boy with long shiny hair and a flushed face.

Three years later, I started seeing a boy who was a great mammoth of a nerd. He spent most recesses and lunchtimes in the computer lab, so I came along. As soon as I walked in the door, a lanky boy wearing a white shirt that hung from his frame like a sail from a coat hanger, and glossy hair that was now cut short, took one look at me and burst out in derisive laughter at his friend’s new girlfriend, the small exertion driving a rosy flush up his neck and cheeks. I walked out and refused to come back for all of lunchtime.

Eventually we started to sit together at recess and lunch, and eventually we got to know each other. That’s how we met.

EJ's story
When I first saw Jessica in early high school I knew she was smart. She looked like your stereotypical bookworm. She had long curly hair and big round glasses. She was pretty too, though she hid behind her glasses. I wanted to talk to her and get to know her but I was very shy.

After I found out that she was a friend of a friend of mine, I found the excuse I wanted to approach and talk to her. Then another friend of mine asked her out. I got mad at him: being in high school, I thought everything lasted forever and so I thought, ‘well, there goes Jessica’.

Fortunately, they didn’t last. I started spending recess and lunch times with Jessica’s group of friends so I could spend more time with her. After a while her friends and my friends started hanging out together and that’s when we really started getting to know each other.

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