Monday, December 8, 2008

Strawberry fluff recipe

Hello everyone,

I've been extravagantly excited about the holiday season and am having trouble putting off the baking for the cake-pop bouquets (that link is to the tutorial). As result I decided to make another holiday treat to surprise my boyfriend when he gets home. The first time I remember having strawberry fluff was on an Easter morning as a special treat for breakfast, but my parents never did it again because it made us so hyper!

It's delicious and simple to make. These quantities will make enough to feed probably 12 people.

Strawberry Fluff

- 1 tub of whipping cream
- 1 tbsp sugar (optional)
- 2 punnets of strawberries
- 1 pack (250g) of marshmallows

1. Pour cream into a large mixing bowl and add sugar. Whip until the cream makes hard peaks.
2. Cut up marshmallows into thirds or quarters (scissors are easier than a knife).
3. Remove stalks from strawberries and quarter.
4. Add chopped marshmallows and strawberries to cream and stir through.
5. Serve and savour!

Sorry that I don'[t have any exciting pictures to include here for you, it's not the most decorative sweet, the beauty is in the flavour. I hope you'll enjoy some yummy strawberry fluff this xmas.

~ Jessica

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello and welcome

I've decided in my infinite wisdom to begin a blog. After all, if we're living in the 'me generation' then why shouldn't I distribute a little slice of me over the internet too?

I'm Eyespiral. Also Jessica. I'm 23, attending university to study creative writing and computer science, and live with my boyfriend of nearly seven years, EJ.

This post is decidedly short since I just wanted to have a post displayed when I preview my edits, but next time my entry will be more substantial. And interesting.

Au revior,