Thursday, January 22, 2009

New future projects

Hello world,

It's absolutely sweltering today. I just through everyone should know that! And my mum loved the fruit cozies. Woohoo!

I thought of a few more things of my future projects list. One of them is His & Hers seatbelt covers. We have only one seatbelt cover in our car, which I usually use because I am shorter and so the belt bothers me, and because I'm normally the one wearing a shirt that might get ruined by rubbing against the belt. However, we always have to change it between seats and while that's not really a huge hassle, why not have two? The other reason why I'm going to make these is because I got pretty sunburnt this week while I was visiting my parents (that hasn't happened in a long time) and so when I was driving home the seatbelt really irritated my skin - the cover wasn't long enough to reach all the way from my shoulder to my boobs. So I'm going to make my seatbelt covers longer than the sheepskin one I have on there right now. And the His & Hers thing I just thought of this morning - a bit of fun and personalisation never hurt anyone.

The other project which I'm excited about is the lounge chair awning-thing I want to make. I saw one at a shop once and while I didn't want to fork over the ridiculous price they were asking, it burrowed away into my mind for future reference. Now it's the future. It was a bit like those pretty mosquito nets that people hang over their beds with no intent of keeping away mosquitoes, except it's opaque, and over a lounge chair. I sketched out the idea below (thanks to deathbycanon-stock for the lounge chair pic):

Lounge chair awning

I went into town and got a hula hoop from the toy store to use up the top, and now I am going to bide my time until I have made a bunch of other projects and used up a bit of the backlog of material that's crowding my sewing room. After that I won't feel so bad about going to Spotlight and getting a few metres of gorgeous curtain fabric to make one of these for myself. I recok I'dd add some pretty trim along the top too.

Lounge chair awning trim

I imagine that it'll be a great writing chair when I'm done. Maybe I'll have to figure out a way to affix a light inside though...



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