Friday, January 16, 2009

Discoveries: Wordle & COLOURlovers

Hello world,

I'm meant to be working on my Dad's golf programme but I couldn't help stopping by to post about these two websites I recently discovered.


Pearl chapter 12 Wordle

This website has a simple concept but the results are great! You enter a block of text or a link to a webpage and then Wordle generates a 'word cloud' using the data you give it. You can choose the colours, the maximum number of words, the general arrangement guidelines, and so on. And it makes the words that are more common more prominent in the cloud. In my wordle above, I used the text from chapter 12 of my novella, Pearl. The main character is Wade, followed by his brother Sachiel, and they are at the Mermaids Pool. Notice how these words are larger?

Anyway, I was very excited to discover this. I thought it would be a really exciting thing in a novel, actually. Like, if I ever finish Pearl, then it'd be really interesting to create a wordle for each chapter so that when the reader looks at each one they get a confused glimpse into what's in store. Kewl, huh? I'm so doing that. Now all I need to do is finish the novella. Hmmph.


I was reminded of this website while I was fiddling with Wordle. You can define your own colour patelle for your word clouds, so I decided I wanted to find a nice palette to use. I found COLOURlovers while I was cruising One Pretty Thing a while ago. It will generate a colour palette for you from any image on the web. Here are some of the palettes I generated from artworks I've ed over on deviantArt:


Well that's it from me for now. Visit the sites. Enjoy!



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