Monday, June 13, 2011

Tineye reverse image search - very cool

Hello world,

Long time no update - we got engaged while on holidays, so I am knee-deep in wedding planning bliss right now. I've been madly trying on dresses all over the place. I really liked one I had the store note down for me, but of course they didn't give me the actual designer or style because otherwise what's stopping me trying to get it at a better price from another retailer?

However, luckily for me, the dress shop happens to feature the dress in the header of their website.

Enter Tineye Reverse search! allows you to either upload an image or enter the URL of an online image and then it searches the web to find where else that o,age appears online. Hey presto, I found my designer!!

Thought I'd share the love since it's exactly what I wanted and worked perfectly for me. :)