Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An entreaty: the ultimate engagement ring - challenge 1

Challenge 1: Our favourite photo

Vote for us and help us get engaged - we're in competition for the ultimate engagement ring!

Hello world,

I know it's very trite to use a blog to beg for votes for a competition, however I have to use every channel available to me! After all, the prize means we can get married!

The contest is being run by Michael Hill jeweller & they're looking for the world's best couple to be awarded the ultimate engagement ring - see picture up top! I definitely think we can be in the running because EJ & I fit so well together - but we need your support.

The contest involves a number of 'challenges' which the couple have to complete in order to win. The first challenge we had to complete was to upload our favourite photo as a couple. This was an easy decision for us - we both thought of the above photo immediately. It's a candid shot that was taken by a friend during photography class when we were in year eleven, and I developed the film and the print myself.

I love the way that behind EJ are the parallel structured lines of the bricks and behind me are the organic shapes of the trees - it's really representative of the two of us.

I will be posting a note on this blog each time we complete a challenge. To help us win all you need to do is vote for us by clicking on either the ring photo or text links provided above. You need to log in using your Facebook or Twitter account and then you can vote for each challenge that we complete.

Winning this contest would mean such a significant step in our life; we really are a great couple, and with your support we can do it!


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