Monday, October 25, 2010

The ultimate engagement ring - challenge 3

Challenge 3: Our secret pet names

Vote for us and help us get engaged - we're in competition for the ultimate engagement ring!

Hello world,

Challenge 3 is to share our secret pet names. I have to admit, they're not really secret - we've never had a problem embarrassing each other with silly names in front on our friends. :)

To learn more about the contest for the ultimate engagement ring, see my original blog post or visit

Here's our entry:

EJ:  Eb-joy van dan der Sprite
Me:  Dessikins

I often sing "Eb-joyful joyful, how I adore you...". He is my little sprite. And Dessikins? Well it's adorable too. Silly? Yes. Embarrassing? Probably they should be. Vote for us!

To help us win all you need to do is vote for us by clicking on either the ring photo or text links provided above. You need to log in using your Facebook or Twitter account and then you can vote for each challenge that we complete. Please try to vote for every one to give us this once in a lifetime chance!


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