Sunday, November 21, 2010

Filet crochet portrait progress

Hello world,

I wanted this to be done soon, but as you will see from my progress below, it's slow goings. I knew it was ambitious, but I thought I'd be at least half way by this stage!

I have spent a number of days listening to my favourite TV shows and to some audiobooks while working on this, and I try to get at least a row done to and from work each day on the train. Apparently that is not enough. Nonetheless, I did foresee that problem and mitigated the risk by starting at the top, so the date was one of the last things I would crochet, just in case I blew out my deadline.

It is turning out really great, so the excess time is worth it.


My progress after two months' work:

What did I tell you? surprisingly good. :) The little white things along the bottom are just stitch markers so that if I get lost I don't have to start counting from the beginning of the row... 300 stitches is too many for me to count back.

Here's another shot showing the detail of what the work actually looks like to me while I'm working on it. I only see it every now and again when I find the time to lay it out flat and review my progress.

So! Still a long long way to go, but I am encouraged by the result thus far. I'll post the final product up both before and after framing... whenever that may be.

Crochet cotton is from the lovely people at Crochet Australia, who you can hear about in a previous post.

Read my previous post to learn how to make your own filet crochet portrait from a photo:

Au revior,



  1. WOW! That looks amazing! I converted a photo using your method but I'm doing it in tapestry crochet. I hope it comes out close to as good as yours. I'm impressed that that's only 300 stitches wide and you've ended up with so much detail. I'm extremely impressed.

  2. Hi Nina! I am so happy to hear at least one person has found benefit in my post!!

    I agree - I didn't think this would turn out as detailed as it has. Unfortunately I didn't make my xmas deadline for this one, so it'll have to be an anniversary or next xmas present instead.

    I think this will work equally well in tapestry crochet - but please do send me a picture of your progress, I'd love to see!

    One problem I recently experienced is that I was missing 5 rows from the middle of my pattern - this must have been because of the printing boundaries for my printer vs. the windows photo print software. Luckily I noticed it before heading too far through - but I would suggest double checking your L and W counts to verify the same thing doesn't happen to you. :)

  3. Hi,

    I love your work. Can you tell how you went about it ? Like did you use open and closed blocks only ? Or did you use something else for grey blocks also?

    1. Thanks so much Priyanka! I converted the photo into a black and white image and I only used open and closed blocks, no grey. Here's a link to the post showing how the finished item turned out:

      I posted a tutorial on how to convert a photo into a patters here:

      Or I can convert a photo into a pattern for you - I sell this service in my Etsy store: