Friday, November 19, 2010

The ultimate engagement ring - challenge 5

Challenge 5: Those three words

Vote for us and help us get engaged - we're in competition for the ultimate engagement ring!

Hello world,

Challenge 5 is to share the first time that either of us said 'I love you'. That was me. It is embarrassing and sickly cute. Forgive me by voting for us! :)

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Here's our entry:

Jessica was always a pragmatic girl, and she thought teenagers who convinced themselves they could fall in love with their soul mate at age sixteen were rather ridiculous. But after a few months with EJ, she was becoming a hypocrite.

It had been about three months since they’d become a couple, and against her most logical self-arguments, she realised she was in love. So what did she need to do now? Tell him.

She always caught the late bus home so that they could spend a little time together after classes finished each day. It meant being stuck on the shoppers bus that crawled through town and got her home after 1.5 hours, but she always felt it was worth it.

This afternoon, they stood under one of the trees out the front of the school in each others’ arms. She had her cheek pressed firmly against his shoulder – she was too scared to lift her gaze.

Jessica was so nervous, in fact, that she couldn’t bring herself to tell him those three words in plain English. She and a girlfriend spoke a pretend language they called ‘Double Dutch’ throughout high school, and EJ understood it. Basically, it required you insert ‘vg’ at the front of each syllable you say.

It was hard. Scary. And so she stood there, face hidden in his oversized t-shirt, and told him, “Ivgi jvgust wvgantvged tvgo tvgell yvgou tvgat Ivgi lvgove yvgou (I just wanted to tell you that I love you).”

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