Thursday, September 9, 2010

A quick idea to liven up the loo

At my work every time I go into the loo I read the message from the cleaning staff. I can’t even tell you how many times I have read it from top to bottom. It’s ridiculous. But as with many people, if there are words in front of me, particularly if I am sitting there with nothing to occupy me, I automatically start running my eyes over the words.

So I know it’s not a new innovation to stick stuff on the back of the toilet door. Parents have been doing it for years with multiplications tables and alphabets for their kids. But I just thought – you know what would be good? If I could read something a bit more stimulating. So why not?

I think that decoupage is the answer. But not using pictures of flowers and cherubs and so on. Why not use the pages of books? Or even play scripts? If you picked up a couple of tattered copied of Hamlet from the school’s junk sale, or found a worn out book of poetry that couldn’t be salvaged even with ohdeeoh’s excellent hardcovering your favourite softcovers solution, then why not chop off the margins and paste it up on the back of the loo door, or if you are a renter like me, on a backboard which can be hung from a convenient hook?

I’m liking this idea a lot and I think I’ll go ahead with it if I discover some free time I’m not aware of. Plus if you get tired of what’s there, you can re-decoupage it all over again!

Some inspiration - click the image to go to the source. :)

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