Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Customised t-shirts, fabric bookmarks, new pencil case and fabric storage cubes

Hello world,

The final week before uni came back spurred me to make a bunch of things!

First of all, we have these lovely tshirts I did for EJ:

Ebbenjay... tshirt

This is EJ's real name. It's too long for one side of his shirt. :) The little bit down the bottom at the back says, "(or EJ for short)".

Awesome-pi shirt

Awesome-pi (you know, as in the mathematical symbol) is just something we say. It's funny because of its perfect nerdiness. I have a black shirt the same as this one, in fact I am wearing it right now.


For these two I have to thank Threadless. The subliminal slogan I saw on one of their shirts and while I would have liked to buy it, I couldn't justify the expense, so I made my own. The other one EJ did buy, I didn't make it, but he wanted to show it off, so here it is! You can find it for sale here.

In other news, I decided to make EJ's grandmother (Oma; they're Dutch) a bookmark to give her when we went to visit for her birthday. While I was at it I made a few more because they were so quick and easy!

Fabric bookmarks

The first one is featuring my work called 'The Sea Ladies', which is posted over at deviantArt. I've also made a couple using my work 'Bewrecked'.

The sea ladies Bewrecked

Oma's one is using photographs EJ took on a visit to the botanic gardens. The other two use images that I love and found on dA. You can find the originals here and here.

I recently discovered that my pencil case that I made for last year has mysteriously disappeared to another universe. I'm crushed, as you might imagine, however in order to help myself move on from this tragedy, I made a new one! This one is big because I wanted to fit my french curves rulers inside. Do you like it?

I got the idea for the birdie one from the birdie cushion below that Everyday Chaos made.

Everyday Chaos' birdie cushion

Finally, I actually made something from my future projects list! Amazing, I know. Crazy Mom Quilts posted a great tutorial for these adorable fabric storage cubes. It's easy to follow, they're quick, and you can make them in any size you want! When I first saw the tut I made a big one to put my paper patterns in, and now I've got these little beauties to keep my buttons safe. P.S. Since I got the fabric from the leftovers bin at spotlight and cardboard from grocery boxes, these things cost about 20c each for me to make. Cost-efficient, no?

Fabric storage cubes

So that's the good news this week. I wonder when I will post again... I am going to make a tutorial for a book/scheduler cover in the not-too-distant future, so we'll see how we go. Au revoir dear friends, I need to tidy the house for an inspection.



  1. I saw a few of these when browsing Threadbanger.

    I really like all of your works! The black and white shirt has to be my favorite. The works from DA are really neat as well.
    I would use those bookmarks. Mine are always so boring and well.. cheep. I use a lot of coupons so I don't loose them, cheep I know. I should invest in a good bookmark.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I'm glad you like EJs shirts, I will tell him when he gets home. And the bookmarks. :D I think I'm going to make a bunch of them to sell on etsy, although I'll have to find the time to do that between uni work (hmm, if only I spent less time online...).