Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Past Projects

Hello world,

I'm working on a new post, but I need to finish a couple of projects before I submit it otherwise it will be incomplete. :) In the mean time, I thought I might post a few past projects here for posterity.

So, without further ado, behold:

Diary with a view

I figured if I was going to be looking at this uni diary every day, it ought to be something worth looking at.

Peasant skirt and vest

The peasant skirt was my first project after I got my sewing machine for xmas in 2007. The tutorial I followed is here. The vest ('Franzi') I made with a free printable pattern from Burdastyle; you can find the pattern here.

Miele's vest

The Burdastyle pattern I used above comes with a zoomed-out pic of what your pattern should look like when you stick it all together. I decided to take those tiny versions of the pattern and make a matching vest for our teddy bear, Miele.

Filet crochet cherry blossom pencil case

I needed something for uni. I just made a kinda random branch shape in black filet crochet and sewed it to a rectangle the size I wanted my pencil case, then painstakingly hand sewed the sequins and beads for cherry blossoms. I love it. I just wish I knew where it was right now...

Stone cold tshirt stripe mod

I made this for EJ following an episode of Threadbanger which you can find here. Too bad he refuses to wear it, I think it's tres stylish. :)

Ironing board

Our ironing board was showing signs of wear largely because its cover was cheap and nasty. We remade the cover by cutting out a bunch of layers from a woollen blanket and making a drawstring cotton cover. EJ was pleased.

Delta Goodrem Visualise tour cushion

I loved my tour tshirt from Delta Goodrem's first tour, but it was too short-waisted and high-necked for me. I made a snuggly cushion cover instead. I sleep with it every night.

Hoodie for my sister

I made this hoodie by request for my sister's fifteenth birthday. Yes, she wanted the zipper to cover her face. I love the material - old 80s O&E stuff from my grandmother's garage.

Crochet tshirt collar

As I mentioned above, high necks aren't my deal. I cut the neck out of this shirt to make a scoop and crocheted the neckline. Since this photo I also cut off the sleeves and crocheted new ones, but I can't be bothered getting out the camera.

Combi Cushion

I made this for my brother's 21st birthday, along with a monkey suit. There are photos of the the suit, but they must be at my mum and dad's place. I will post them whenever I get them, because it was awesome, even if I do say so myself.

I made a tutorial on how to make your own combi cushion, which you can find here.

Embroidered flower shirt

One of my favourite shirts that I got in Canada is reaching its last days, so I traced it to make this one. The shape isn't quite the same as the original shirt, but I still like it. And the rose was so much work, but I love it. And it hasn't died in the washing machine yet, so that's great.


My last thin pair of jammies was worn out, so I used a tshirt pattern I had on hand and Burdastyle's yoga pants pattern to make these new ones.

Fervourography - handbound self-publication

It's a collection of prose and poetry. I am so proud of it, and I look forward to making other self-publications in the future. I sell them on Etsy.

Bamboo crochet cardi

I used a crochet pattern I got from the awesome Antique Pattern Library to make this beautiful cardigan. I got the bamboo yarn on special from Spotlight, it's the same kind as what I used to make my fruit cozies.

So there you have it! All the projects that I have not yet posted on this blog that I already had sitting here on my computer. Any questions, feel free to comment and I will get back to you asap.

~ Jessica


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